Monday Motivation

Hiii Friends 🙂


I know the usual Monday motivation is somewhat of a quote with some inspiration. That’s great but I wanna do it slightly different this time around.

I am going to name 5 things that brightened my Monday or simply just made me smile/happy and you should do the same 🙂 This will not only help us feel better for today, but also take us on a positive ride for the week. We can also look for all the good and positive things during the week and do a weekly one, or even just a Friday one. I like that we will be forced to focus on the GOOD things! Either way, Up to YOU 🙂 when and how you want this to go!

You can feel free to comment them below, and please do drop some suggestions as well.

Here’s my FIVE things:

  1. My doggy Scarlett: She was oh so cute this morning. The moment she saw me, she came jumping on me with her nonsensical smile and playful mood.
  2. The weather: I just looove sunrises and sunsets, and I am so fortunate to see beautiful ones as I drive pass the beach in the mornings. Thankfully we leave early, so I get to catch a stunning sunrise upon the ocean – what a sight.
  3. My friend: I wasn’t feeling too keen on today as I am not too well, but my friend offered to ride with me to the pharmacy to get some pain meds – that was so sweet of her, and that in itself, made me feel a little better 🙂
  4. Old photos: I am lucky to have some pictures of when my nephew was a few months and growing, going through these photos definitely brightened my day and brought back some good old memories.
  5. Music: I was a big Swiftie in younger years, and going through my hard drive this morning, spotted some good ol’ songs that made me put some of those on my playlist today, and I just love the country music! I think I am still a Swiftie! Go Taylor! 😀

You have to be a rockstar! Not.

Yep! You read correctly, you don’t have to be a rockstar to sing along to a song.

I was driving to work this morning, listening to the local radio station as usual(they play amazing songs), and their topic of discussion was regarding singing! And then I thought, oh, there are soo many benefits of singing, it’s incredibllleee! I bet at this point, Celine Dion’s Incredible popped up in your head and you should be singing:

Incredible oh oh oh ohhh
Incredible oh oh oh ohhh
Let’s make them remember
We were incredible
Simply incredible
Oh oh oh ohhh

Did you know that singing is good for your heart? Hell yeah! So come-on sing on! When you sing your brain releases “feel-good” chemicals including endorphins. Who doesn’t love some feel-good hormones floating around their bods’?

We all know the displeasure of having grumpy chums around us… It dulls the atmosphere!
Consequently singing can be a brilliantly effective mood-buster and there is an increasing body of research to show that it is a valuable tool in alleviating depression.
It’s relaxing! Yes, you don’t need to book a holiday in some far land to relax, you have it right at the comfort of your car, bedside, and even your smart phone!!!
I am a huuuge fan of Expressing yourself… 
Singing is a natural and global form of human expression. You don’t have to consider yourself good at singing for singing to be good for you. It is something that everyone can participate in and benefit from socially, physically or psychologically, and usually all three.
I love natural beauty to the extent that I make my facemasks of avocado, lemons, banana, oats and other delish ingredients – Now you must be wondering what this has to do with singing? Well, It’s a natural beauty treatment! Who would have thought?
When you sing you exercise your facial muscles. We love exercising our muscles without having to go to gym, don’t we?
Lastly, It’s eco-friendly. 
Your body already has all of the equipment you need and you don’t require fossil fuels or expensive upgrades. All you need is some voice and lyrics!