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When I was 17 years old, my weight was a little more for my years. 67 kg! Why so? Because I was diagnosed with PCOS- a hormonal disease that affects women of childbearing age. The disease has many symptoms but in my case, there was weight gain and obviously irregularities in periods. Sometimes I had […]

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This word ‘Feminism’ is so easy for someone to say but so difficult to explain.The world has various theories,various quotes,various memes about feminism.For some people ‘Feminism’ is only about dresses,for some insulting opposite gender,for some giving long lectures about what we should do and shouldn’t,for some a matter of 3 mintue of empowerment when they […]

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Post-Tonsillectomy: the disgusting healing process

This is way too long overdue.
The fact that I wrote other posts recently, and of course doing this one, means I survived. Yep, even I’m amazed.

I had been on over 30 sets of 1000mg of antibiotics over the past year. It was ridiculous. It was becoming a joke. Those tonsils needed to come out. It is because of them that my sick leave is finished.

They are the cause of that, and much more; Like thousands of rands on doctors bills, medication, fuel, more medication and… abit(alot) more medication.

They needed to be removed. Now let me tell you, I expected pain. I was ready for it. I consider myself to be one that can stick a fair amount of pain. I ain’t a pain tablet kinda person.

Went in to theatre, all good. Came out. Dead, but alive. 😥

Recovery room 🏥

All I could here was the nurses screaming at me to not panic. But I was panicking. So much that I had lifted my self off the bed. Then, they pulled out some kind of pipe or device from my throat – at this point, I just gasped for breath and started coughing profusely. My throat was dry and itchy. I just coughed till I was taken out of the recovery room – that was about 30 minutes later.

Surgical ward 🏥

Laying in bed, I couldn’t feel much pain as I obviously still had some anesthetic on the inside. The pain meds, antibiotics etc. that was on the drips, were the best thing ever. I felt sore but not as much as when I got home the next day. I ate mash potatoes, soup, custard and some jelly.

At home 🏡

That was about it for the first 3 days – custard, jelly, ice cream, soup, stew, mash potatoes, pasta (which I truly didn’t mind and missed haha)

I was living on suppositories from day 1 at home, till day 18.

3 to 4 suppositories a day.

As soon as the suppositories wear off, I could feel it from my temples going down to my jaw – I felt like I was having a lockjaw. I do not know what a real lockjaw feels like, but the fact that my jaw felt like it was locked down – I just described it like that in my follow up appointment. I had a spit-cup. I would need to spit all the excess saliva building up in my mouth every 10 minutes. Sleeping was the worst thing ever. You don’t realise how much you use your throat when you’re asleep unless of course you undergo a tonsillectomy – then you do realise! It’s crazy. Sleeping caused me to drool the excess saliva. Sleeping was drying up my throat. That made my throat itchy. That itchyness caused me to cough. And die.

I barely slept. I just sat up most nights.

Day 5 to 11 was hell. This is where the pain, tears, anger, frustration and more tears come in. I spent many days crying for about 18 out of 24 hours. The pain was unbearable. Even with suppositories. Tremacet did nothing for me. So I never continued it. The suppositories are the reason I’m here today, typing this.

I could barely eat custard during this time. The scabs were starting to form, they were disturbing, disgusting and pathetic. Imagine, scabs in your mouth?! WTF. 😔😥😪

You think the scabs are disgusting enough right? Wrong! It was f***ing painful! It was poking me. It was hurting. It was itchy and irritating. It was going to be the reason for my death.

Cause of death: tonsillectomy scabs.

Yup. The rest of my recovery was exactly that. Crying, pain etc. At about day 15, I was feeling abit better.

1.5 months later 📅

I still can’t brush my tongue the way I would like to because the uvula hangs around there and pulls itself awkwardly forward when I attempt brushing the back of my tongue.

I still cannot cough out phlegm from my throat because it hurts!

I cut out a lot of detail as this post would become never ending but you get the idea.

Send through any questions and I can try to help with my experience.

​Domestic helpers – Unsung Heroes! 🌻

So here goes appreciation post: 

Yesterday I got home after a long and tiring day. Boy, did I appreciate my helper. She is amazing. It’s so damn good to go to a clean home, clean bathroom, clean everything. 

Especially when we have rough mornings where we just throw clothes everywhere, lastnights worn clothes still lying on the floor, coffee cups on the counter, make-up tools lying across the bathroom unit, shoes all over the floor. It’s just crazy. Imagine getting home to find it just the way you left it. 😞🙁

But, we get home to neatly cleaned spaces with fresh smelling rooms. All thanks to our helpers. We may hardly realise it, but if we take the time out to think this through, they help us a ton – more than their salary. I am so grateful. 🌸🌻🌼