Scarlett – our baby’s rescue 💜

One cold, rainy, Winter’s night, last year, we went to a prayer at a friends’ house. Prayer was over by about 9pm. My boyfriend chilled outside with the guys while I socialised with my long lost girlfriends inside the cozy home. Next thing I knew, my significant other came rushing in, asking for a box to home a little puppy. And he just briefly said that we were taking her home.

So first I thought, wait, we can’t. that’s not our puppy. I mean, we don’t have a puppy. We cannot take her. When I ran outside, I saw that everyone was surrounding our car. Turns out, this little girl was stray, and bitten by a neighbor’s dog, therefore ran under our car for safety/protection. The boys were trying to get her from underneath, in the process, she bit the one’s hand (he had to go to the doctor the next day as we didn’t know if she had any type of disease.).  Soon after we got her safe in the box, we decided that it was best we go home as she needed some food, water and a good bath.

We headed home and immediately applied some medicine on her bite wounds along her neck. We then waited for about an hour before we gave her a bath. She was covered in fleas. And a few ticks. But the fleas, my word, it was horrifying. She hardly had any hair on her, she had tons of skin rash as well. This caused her to scratch all the time and her skin was flaking. Not having any dogs at home, we had to use baby shampoo and oil (we dont have babies either, the SO uses baby products haha). We gave her a bath in the wash basin, applied some baby oil with the hope that it soothes her skin. She still scratched afterwards, but not as much. She definitely felt better. I stared at her for hours on end, just whispering to her, saying “Girl, you won’t have to be out in the cold anymore”…”You are just so lucky that we were there at that time, we brought you to the safest and most loving home.”


She slept in the box, with a little blankie that night. The following morning we made an appointment with the vet, and we were there at 10am sharp. We got her nutritious food from there as well. It was a delicious chicken stew, and some dry food as well. She got some jabs and vaccines. The vet recommended some tubes for her fleas which we purchased right away. The vet mentioned that we should not let her saliva get in contact with us for 6 months. He said that he wasn’t sure what dog she was exactly, but she’s definitely mixed. He said could be mixed with a lab. We then got her medication and left. We left for the pet shop! this was SOOO exciting i must admit. We got her a bed, blanket, water and food bowl, leash, collar, brush, shampoos, toys and some unnecessary goodies for her. We couldn’t wait to go set up her space at home hence we rushed off with excitement. It was as if we had a new baby at home. We named her Scarlett.

Life for her began. Every morning we would clean up her mess, give her food and medication, fill up her water, and then leave for work. In the evening we would return, clean her mess, give her food and meds, take her outside to play a little and off to do our stuff we go. She grew up like this. After several visits to the vet, Scarlett started looking better – hair growth increased, she became more active. And cheeky. She loved me. Although she tried to bite me a couple of times when i scolded her for hiding our socks, pulling down the washing basket, chewing on our clothes etc.

Now, I have never been a lover of pets – I loved to look at them, but I was not one to cuddle, squish and kiss them. My siblings were very much the ones to show dogs physical love and affection while I would merely talk lovingly to them.

After we picked Scarlett up, I felt the need to hold her. I love her. I didn’t mind cuddling with her. Like she was my own. Well, she is. Today, I am so proud of who she has become. She is fierce, playful and the cutest little girl. She hasn’t lost her naughty playful ways. She now sleeps outside, and loves her life. I’m so glad we picked her up that night.



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