Baby Siwaphiwe is missing! It’s a traumatic time.

I gotta get this outta my chest. It’s been on my mind since the incident took place. 

A lady was hijacked by two armed men, earlier this afternoon in Durban. The men sped off in the car that had 1 month old baby Siwaphiwe. They then abandoned the car in a remote area and fled with the baby.

Now, it’s cold, rainy weather here in Durban and this is HEARTBREAKING 💔. I don’t have a baby, but this is devastating. I could only imagine what the family is going through. To think whether the baby is warm, fed or even alive for that matter. Ruthless criminals could have throw the baby away. Far away. How this will turn out, I don’t know. I am praying. Everyone is praying for the safe return of the innocent baby. 💜🙏

I cannot even concentrate on my studying. I just keep thinking what conditions could this little angel be faced with. 😥 I pray that the criminals just hand the baby over to some stranger and leave. Or they ring the door bell of a random House and leave the baby there. Just bring back this innocent princess for God’s sake!!! ❤

It’s been more than 8 hours. Eight-God-damn-hours. That’s 8 hours too long!!! This child could be starving. She could be freezing. She could be… anything:'(…
So here’s my prayer tonight:

Dear God, we ask you to point these criminals in a direction where they can bring little Siwaphiwe to safety. Whatever wrongs were done for her family to go through this, I don’t know, but the entire community, the entire province is suffering tonight. It’s a blow to us all. Please God, we know and trust in you. We believe you do everything for a reason. Whatever that reason is, may this baby stay unharmed and safe. May she feel her parents love and warmth the soonest. Please God. We plead. ❤


As a father, you should set the bar high for your little girl 💜

Somehow I forgot how to be a gentlemen. As we get comfortable in our marriages, we forget to open her door, pull out her chair, and to put my wife’s comfort before my own. The worst part about it is I forgot the little eyes that are watching. Fathers, we must not only be the example of a good man for the sake of our wives, but for our daughters, too. To set the expectations so high that when it comes time to open her heart to someone else, she won’t give him anything, until they give her everything.

Dale Partridge