I see a true gentleman in Dale Partridge!

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Everywhere Veronica and I look we see beautiful, Godly, single women. Worst of all, we’re watching them chase men, travel to men, and even move for men. The last time I checked, God instructed men to sacrifice their pursuits for the woman they love not the other way around. Single men, part of being a man is learning how to respectfully pursue a woman. Now, just because you haven’t learned that skill doesn’t mean you get to let her do the work, take the risk, and feel the weight of what’s your responsibility. Get off your butt, grow your confidence and show her your heart. Pain and rejection are a part of the relationship game. The stakes are high. But you don’t get to sit on the sidelines and still score a touchdown (marriage). The ladies are waiting on the field, not for a boy, but a man. #DaleyWisdom


Out with the old…

So much going on. I have neglected you, my dear blog, I admit. 

Where has this year gone to? I have not a clue. But… I know 2017 has a ton to offer us. Similar to taking a baby into ToysRUs. Boy oh boy, I am looking forward to it. 👍

2016 has been one of countless tears and tummysore laughs. How would we ever know what dull skies look like if we always had them clear? No matter what has happened, we overcame it. We are here today; thankful for this life. We are grateful. We should remain humble. We should strive to be kinder than we were yesterday. Make a brother smile. Do good. Good shall come to you. 

If each of us can help one person, billions will be helped. 🙏 We can do it! Be the change you want to see. It starts with us.