Thinking Quality In


Recently the phrase ‘building quality in‘ has become something of a mantra for lean and agile development. It is sometimes offered as an alternative to ‘testing quality in’ (which is something I never really understood). I believe the point is to emphasize that we should consider quality whilst building our products, and not as an afterthought in a wasteful testing and fixing ‘phase’.

This might seem sensible; after all there is a broad acceptance that quality should be everybody’s responsibility and that this is a good thing.

The problem is that it implies that quality is a kind of static, tangible element of a product, an ingredient like yeast or salt which can be added to the mix. It is as if we can make our customers happy by stirring just the right amount of quality into our product when the time is right.

The word ‘build’ places the burden of…

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    1. I am indeed 🙂 – Software testing to he precise.

      Quality should apply in every aspect of what we do on a daily basis. For example, if you make a cup of tea in the morning, you are sure to sip it for a taste before going on with the entire cup. That is testing. You have something kept in the fridge for a white. You remove it and then sniff it to see if its still okay to use, that’s testing. And I 100% agree with the article in the sense that anyone can test, but at the end of the day, if anyone tests, what does this mean to customers. Will they be satisfied? Will they be happy with the product. It’s clear that testing is so very important.

      In terms of enhancing our character, we are continuously trying to better ourselves, by learning. They say what you put in, is what you get out. We should be learning something new everyday. We should be striving to be better people, better humans, with better qualities. Definitely agree with you on the quality of life. Good interpretation.

      Thank you for reading 😊🌻🌼 have yourself a lovely day.

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