Dear Women

Here in South Africa, we are celebrating National Women’s Day today. I feel overwhelmed to see so many strong women, take the stand on behalf of others on various occasions. This needs to grow, and definitely continue – it empowers the rest of our kind. And as we all are aware, empowerment is food for the soul. 🙅

Ladies, all you have to do is love yourself, be comfortable in your own skin, realise it’s no competition between you and other females, but rather it should be a learning bond, one that uplifts each other. Once you achieve contentment with yourself, you will notice that no-ones approval or disapproval of you matters. 💪

You can a achieve any goal you set for yourself provided you work towards it. Never feel less than anyone, you are you, and you are the best you can be. Everyone is different, unique and beautiful in their own way. 

Let us work towards these little realisations, and together, we can do it! We can help other women out there. We can reach out to them. But first, we need to work on ourselves. 🌻

Thank you to all women, for being the incredible souls that you are. For those that are playing the roles of mums, dad’s, carpenters, painters, cleaners, engineers, architects, friends, sisters, bread winners, security and the list goes on – you are all wonder women. You are cherished. We take our hat’s off to you. Keep doing what you do and you shall prosper. Never give up – you’ve come this far. 

Celebrate yourself, not just today, but every-damn-day. 👌

We have immense love for you wonder women! 💓

There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.

– W.E.B Dubois


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