Many say “Man-up”; I say “Woman-up” ;)

I had received a meeting request yesterday, seeing the subject, without much doubt, I had accepted. This morning I had walked into the meeting, halfway through I had realized that I was the only female in the room. From the speaker, to fellow colleagues – all males. Instantly it struck, what a male-dominated environment I work in.

Information Technology territory have always been known as the men’s domain(no pun intended)- and the kitchen? Oh we sure know the perception around this stereotype.

Who said I cannot wire up a PC together, paint my room and at the same time, make a meeean cheese samich?

Thinking back as to why was I the only female in the room has much to do with women in the workplace feeling less-confident, or like she doesn’t quite fit in. Come to think of it, in my career path, senior management consists of 80% males – therefore females may feel like they cannot relate to the seniors in a number of ways. We all are fighting the same battle – except that I fight for women to stand-up and lead themselves.

The 20% of females that are in the senior positions need to assist the others as a mentor or in whatever way, shape or form(Believe it or not, we have a shortage of this). She should be such that, other females can relate to her, gain confidence from her and in time, rule beside her. Way too many women are in competition with the rest, when, we should be standing together. As I am writing this, it’s shockingly questionable as to how many women have come to mind.

Luckily enough, I had 3 other females join my team, otherwise I would have been the only, with about 13 males. Bad? I think not. It’s my opportunity to show them that I have a purpose here too, my capabilities are no less equal to theirs. I can share my opinions and ideas and we can work together. Now with the other females beside me, I have back-up!

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success.”



  1. YAY! Female empowerment. My Gaz is the domesticated one in our home. He does the cleaning – I help of course. He cooks and does the laundry. He does it well. Does that make him less of a man? hell no. 🙂 Hope these new ladies know how to work as a team 🙂

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    1. Oh honey, hats off to him! Indeed! 🙂 And to be honest, that’s how it should be. Women should never be considered as the “coffee ladies” or “assistants” etc. Those days are looong gone! It’s about time we realize that. I cannot deal with stereotypical people, the quicker they admit and accept that we are all equal, it makes things easier for everyone 🙂 And women should not give in and accept that treatment either.

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  2. TOTALLY – I am in IT for 23 years, add 5 year of study in IT to the 23 (gosh – I am not that old !!). Spot the women. You kind of get use to it. But I love the quote you have Maya.

    Really great post. So true. Women power – Go!

    From your post
    A study(don’t ask me which one as I have stumbled upon this about 2 years back) finds women do better when playing up their masculine skills, such as assertiveness and independence. …. ummm… masculine skills – ? when was this article written. Scary – we should all be independent and assertive and what relation does it have with a masculine skill….eek…. What a crazy article to state that…

    You post is great. let us go ladies.

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    1. Hi there,

      Thank you for your response 🙂

      Exactly hey, when did assertiveness and independence become masculine skills, I don’t know. How dare they even think that?
      I am so glad that our historical women surely put that study to shame, and Maya was one of them. Absolute role model and pure leadership.

      Imagine, it’s 2016 and we still have a scarcity of women in our industry(IT), and even if we do have them, they’re not ones to stand-up in board meetings, give their opinions etc.

      A perfect example of this is, let’s say my team were planning a team building, and they don’t consider the ladies only because there’s so few of us in there. They then send a mail saying that team building is at xyz. Now that to me is an issue. It comes across to me as us ladies, didn’t make such an impact here as we weren’t included in the team build discussion. Therefore the activity they chose for team build, requires only males.

      So to be honest, this happens even in this day and age. As much as we would like to say it doesn’t happen, we cannot. Maybe it happens less now, I don’t know.

      Agh and don’t even stress about your age, I’m jealous – only because I can imagine the amount of knowledge and experience you have!!! Being a 22 year old, we haven’t even reached the tip of the iceberg when knowledge is in question.



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