This post is dedicated to a song that’s oh so close to my heart! Ed Sheeran – Photograph.

I don’t know about you, but I learn so much from song lyrics – I actually start to feel what the singer feels and eventually what the writer felt – if they’re not the same person.

I might not be a in a long-distance relationship (yes, I am very fortunate), but the music – just so beautiful. The words are so inspiring. If you haven’t watched the official video to this song – you’re missing out! It’s nothing fancy at all, but I guess that’s what makes it soo much more beautiful. And is a +1 for me because I LOVE Babies ❤ .

I prefer real, over fancy – you would have picked this up from my post regarding the movie Away We Go.

Back to the song, Ed Sheeran just makes me think of my own relationship, appreciate it more, and essentially, makes me feel so lucky, grateful and well, in tough times(we all have these, don’t we?), it’s assuring.

Due to the immense amount of love I have for this song, I have it on repeat on a daily basis. Cannot get enough of it! Be sure to try it! Absorb the lyrics ❤

PS. Long distance relationships does not just mean different countries or across oceans – in my case, it’s just me at work, and my boyfriend working elsewhere. Can’t wait to go home to him! It’s an everyday struggle.

Ed Sheeran - Photograph


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