No ⛈, No 🌈 !

We ever so often have some grey clouds hanging above our heads, ready to explode. ⛈ We just wait patiently (mostly impatiently) for it to burst, our problems and obstacles appear all so quickly, we feel helpless. It will change our lives, destroy us and put us in some sort of misery – for the most part, that’s what we think. A position no-one wants to be in.

I know it’s hard to focus when something’s wrong. But the human mind is so powerful, we have the ability to control situations – but do we use it enough? Only you will know the answer to that. 

It’s so necessary for us to see things in a different light.☔ Did it ever occur to you that without dark clouds, we would never know what clear skies are? ⛅ Just like how without sadness:'(, we would never know what it means to be happy☺. Without obstacles, we would not learn lessons, we won’t be able to strengthen💪  our minds, bodies and souls. We need everything – bad or good☯. A little wave, in the ocean does not disrupt the sea, so why should we allow petty problems to disrupt our lives.



    1. You are so sweet honey😇 thank you for this! 💓 I am just trying my best. I am not one of those kids whom had everything given to them. If I wanted something, I had to work for it – hence me trying to encourage others to do the same as it has made me who I am today. 🌻

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  1. Have to agree! Discipline also plays a big role in shaping ourselves and our future :), thank you again for being part of my journey, you don’t know how glad I am to have come in contact with you sweet soul! xx

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