Eve of eve thoughts

I lay on my bed, chilling Wednesday night, staring at a blank ceiling. It’s almost just the eve of me being twenty-two. What?! I feel like I’m 30. I sure as hell am not living the life of a twenty-two year old. I have bills to pay. I have responsibilities. I have myself to take care of. I have my future that’s depending on me. My career. My life. It’s the choice I made, to be who I am. And you can too. I have worked for the luxuries I have (if I have any)… it was a struggle. It still is. But it’s totally worth it. I would never trade this life I have for anything easier. You should take what you have now, make it work for you, make it better. There’s so many million ways to achieve this. It’s unreal. Put on those thinking caps! Trust me, it works wonders.

I am one of you, I am someone just like you – never going to inherent a single thang! Unlike our “lucky” friends and colleagues. The big question here is, are they really “lucky”…

We have to work for what we have and want; work till we blue in the face. They simply get everything just given to them while they play Pokémon GO (on some iPhone that was handed to them). I want you to focus on yourself, think about how grateful you are for what you’ve worked for. How you value the little you have. By this time you should come to realise there ain’t nothing better than reaping the rewards of hard work.


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